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Enjoy the ease and convenience afforded to you by having OUNCE WATER delivered to your home or office every month. The OUNCE WATER subscription service is available as a monthly subscription for up to 9-months, offered for both our 40oz (12ct) and 20oz (24ct) cases of Natural Spring Water.  Each case of water contains six days worth of refreshing OUNCE WATER.

Your life is busy enough; let us make this one part of your day a no brainer.


Discount rates are offered for this subscription service and require full payment for product and shipping upfront. Your OUNCE WATER subscription service will begin a few days after placing your order and will be shipped on the same day each month throughout your subscription plan. If you have questions about your subscription plan or need to make adjustments, please contact OUNCE WATER customer service at 844-DO-OUNCE or